Ting Wang

Associate Professor
Stony Brook University

About Me

I am Associate Professor and Empire Innovation Scholar in the Department of Computer Science at Stony Brook University. I conduct research at the interface of machine learning, privacy, and security. My overarching goal is to amplify the real-world impact of artificial intelligence (AI) by bridging technological advances with transformative applications. To this end, my recent work focuses on improving AI technologies along three major thrusts:

Before joining Stony Brook, I was Associate Professor in the College of IST at Penn State. I finished my Ph.D. at Georgia Tech and my undergrad study at Zhejiang University.


I lead the Algorithmic Learning, Privacy, and Security (ALPS) lab, where I am privileged to work alongside a team of exceptional talents, both in the past and present:

Current Members – Ren Pang, Changjiang Li, Zhaohan Xi, Jiacheng Liang, Tanqiu Jiang, Ziyi Yin (co-supervised with Fenglong Ma), Lauren Hong

Alumni – Tianyu Du (» Assistant Professor@Zhejiang University), Xinyang Zhang (» Research Scientist@Adobe), Tinghao Xie (» Ph.D.@Princeton), Zheng Zhang (» Ph.D.@Northwestern), Ningfei Wang (» Ph.D.@UC Irvine), Yujie Ji (» Software Engineer@Amazon), Sam Nguyen (» Machine Learning Engineer@LLNL), Yifan Huang (» Software Engineer@Bloomberg)

Join Us! – We are ALWAYS looking for motivated and bright (under)grad students and postdocs. If you know how to build/hack AI systems, we should talk! Please email me your resume and set up a time to discuss your potential fit to our team.

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